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What exactly is a will?

A will is a written, legal document which describes in detail how you would like your assets and estate to be dealt with after your death. It is your opportunity to decide who will benefit and in what way.

It is easy to put off making a will but the importance of a carefully drafted will cannot be underestimated. It can:

  • ensure that your assets go to those who you would want to receive them
  • minimise the amount of Inheritance Tax payable on death
  • reduce the time it take to deal with the administration
  • provide for the care and protection of those you love
  • reduce family stress at a time of grief
  • lessen family arguments over the estate
  • appoint a person or people to look after your affairs (executors)
  • appoint someone to look after minor children (guardians)

Contrary to popular belief, a Will does not necessarily avoid the need for Probate but it will make the process quicker and easier and often cheaper.

Making a will is affordable and at Probate Solicitors Limited we will professionally prepare your will for a fixed fee. Please see our pricing policy for a guide to costs.

For more information please see Wills frequently asked questions.

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