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Making a Will

Who has a will?

Only about one third of the population has made a will yet it is one of the most important documents that everyone should have. The consequences of dying without a will fall hardest on those left behind.

If you have family, friends or if you would like to donate money to charity then the only way to make sure your assets go to the people you want is to make a will.

Failing to make a Will can mean that your family could end up paying Inheritance Tax which could have been avoided as some high profile cases recently demonstrated.

Why do I need a will?

If you make a valid will……

  • You have control over who deals with your estate and who receives your assets
    You can plan and thereby minimise inheritance tax
    The people you care about will have a clear record of your wishes and instructions leaving them one less worry at, what will be, a traumatic and upsetting time for them

How do I make a will?

There are various ways in which you can make a will:

A survey for the National Consumer Council showed that three quarters of people use a solicitor to draw up their will.

PSL are specialists in this area of law giving you peace of mind about what will happen to your estate. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and carry millions of pounds worth of indemnity insurance.

It is possible to write your own will, although, it’s important to remember that what seems like a straightforward document must comply with the Wills Act 1837 otherwise it will not be valid.

There are also a number of will writing firms now available; however, it is important to understand that they are not legally qualified, regulated or insured in the same way as solicitors.

There is a rising trend in disputes over wills and a recent survey showed that 1 in 10 people have been involved in a dispute over a will. It is important that you make the right decision about how your will is prepared.

Changing a Will

The same strict rules apply to changes to a Will as apply to making a Will in the first place. NEVER write changes onto or try an alter an existing Will after it has been signed. If you need to change it either get a new Will or Codicil (appendix to a Will) prepared by your solicitor.

Cancelling or revoking a Will

Again NEVER write on a Will - simply writing "cancelled" or "revoked" across a Will does NOT usually cancel it especially if you are writing on a copy rather than the original. The best way to cancel a Will is to make a new one. If you really want to cancel it without a new Will then you must tear up the original signed Will. It would also be best to destroy any copies as well.

What do I do next?

To speak to PSL about making your will, call us 01564 758055 or e-mail us using the contact form.

What do I need to get started?

There are a number of things to consider when contemplating making a will. To save time you can download a questionnaire from our Resources page and complete this before coming to see us, if possible e-mail it to us before your visit, so that we are fully prepared to give you the specialist advice you need.

How much will it cost?

Without the full details of your assets and your wishes, in relation to your estate, it is difficult to estimate the complexity required by your personal circumstances. Please see our pricing policy for an idea of the cost involved.

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