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Wills and Codicils

A Will is a legal document that determines how your assets (property, money and belongings) are dealt with when you die.

Although we are called Probate Solicitors we are of course also well-versed in the preparation of Wills, Codicils and Trusts as these of course are based on the very same area of law. Indeed having a detailed knowledge of the probate process means we know the sort of the problems that a badly written Will can cause and therefore how to avoid them.

There are a number of specific requirements that need to be followed to make a document a valid Will. This is why it is dangerous to write one yourself unless you really know what you are doing. Indeed, lawyers make more money sorting out "home-made" Wills that ones that have been properly prepared by a solicitor.

Not all solicitors are the same in this regard. Whilst most can prepare a simple Will they may not have the wider knowledge to take in the Inheritance Tax and other issues that might need to be considered.

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