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Lasting Powers of Attorney or Deputyship

Comparison between Lasting Powers of Attorney & Deputyship

  Lasting Power of Attorney Deputyship

Who can apply to make it?

The person who wants to have help from attorneys (called ‘the Donor’)

Usually a relative of a person who needs help “the patient” (called “P”)

Who appoints the person that is going to help?

The Donor appoints their Attorneys

The Court of Protection appoints the Deputy

When can it be made?

Any time whilst the Donor still has mental capacity

When “P” no longer has mental capacity

When should it be made?

At any time during adulthood not necessarily just for the elderly

When an LPA is no longer a viable option because the potential Donor has lost mental capacity

What can it be used for?

Finance & Property
Health & Welfare

Finance & Property
Health & Welfare

How long will it take to prepare?

To prepare the LPA should take around 3 weeks depending on where the attorneys are and how long everyone takes to sign their relevant parts. PSL can offer a 24 hour service if required.

When preparing Court of Protection Deputyship forms the person applying has to write their justification for the application. In addition one of the forms must be completed by “P’s” doctor. This can take several weeks if not months.

How long will it take before it is registered?

The LPA is registered by the Office of the Public Guardian and the registration process usually takes approx. 8 weeks

The forms are sent to the Court of Protection. The process takes approx. 3-6 months. The application is issued by the Court, the relevant people must then be notified, confirmation of notification is sent back to the Court and the application is put before a judge.

What costs are involved per LPA/Deputyship application?

If using a solicitor to prepare the forms they will charge their fees which can vary. In addition there is a Court fee of £82 per document.
LPA forms can be confusing to complete. If incorrectly completed there is a risk that the form will be rejected therefore it is sensible to use a solicitor to complete the forms on your behalf.

If using a solicitor to prepare the forms their fees are set by the court at £850+vat
In addition the following will be charged by the Court:

  • Application Fee £400
  • Security Bond (dependent upon the assets that the deputy will be looking after) £150 - £200 per year
  • Deputy Assessment Fee £100
  • Supervision Fee £320 per year

Some applicants may be able to claim exemption or remission of Court fees dependent upon their circumstances

Typical Total Cost per LPA/Deputyship application

PSL fees for one LPA and completion of registration is between £350 and £600 inclusive of VAT and court fee* depending on how many purchased
see our pricing policy

Solicitor fee set by the Court £850+vat
Court Fees one off £500
Court Fees annual £520
Security bond FROM £100

TOTAL from £2140.00 (first year) and annual costs thereafter


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