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Going on holiday soon?

Despite taking out holiday insurance, many people go on holiday but do not have a valid Will. Whilst we think about protecting our healthcare and the possessions during the holiday, we fail to protect the total wealth that we have accumulated throughout our lives!

If you do not have a valid will and you are going on holiday, what would happen to your estate if you were unfortunate enough to die whilst you were away? Who would administer your estate at home? Who would arrange to bring you back to the UK?

Probate Solicitors Limited offers an express will writing service to give you peace of mind whilst you are on holiday - even if you have left it until the very last minute. We will take your instructions and prepare your will quickly and professionally. This can be a same day service if necessary (subject to conditions).

Suddenly hospitalised or taken ill?

We never know what the future holds and it can be extremely frightening if you or a relative are suddenly taken ill. When this happens it reminds us of the things we meant to do but never quite got around to.

Often one of these things is making a Will. If you do not have a valid Will and you are hospitalised or struck down by a sudden illness, one of our lawyers can come and visit you at hospital or at home and prepare an emergency Will there and then.

At times such as this it can be therapeutic to put your 'house in order' leaving you with one less worry.

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