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What is an LPA?
An LPA is a legal document which allows the person or people you choose to assist you or ultimately take over decision making on your behalf. This person is known as your Attorney.

You can have more than one Attorney although more than four is unusual. Your Attorney is the person who you appoint to sign on your behalf (not to be confused with the American word "Attorney" meaning lawyer).

There are two types of LPAs to consider and they have very different purposes:

A Property and Affairs LPA

This allows your chosen Attorney(s) to assist you in making decisions regarding your home and finances. If it becomes necessary, they can take over dealing with your finances on a day to day basis and even sell your property on your behalf. If you wish, these LPAs can be used whilst you still have capacity to make lif easier.

A Health and Welfare LPA

This allows your chosen Attorney(s) to make decisions about where you live and the type of care you may need. You even have the option to allow your Attorney(s) to make decisions about whether you receive life sustaining treatment if you lacked capacity to make that decision yourself. These LPAs can only be used once you have lost the ability to make your own decisions.

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