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Funeral Planning & Funeral Bonds

Why should I plan now?

It's never easy to think about planning your funeral no matter what your age. However, once it's done many people say it's a relief to know that their service will go exactly as they wish it to. In addition, very few things in life get cheaper over time; once the plan is in place you are protected against the rising costs of a funeral that will hopefully not be needed until many years in the future.

It's not just for our own benefit that we may plan ahead. By making preparations in this way we can save our family and loved ones a lot of stress at what is already a difficult time.

Who should I plan it with?

There ae a number of leading companies offering this service. It s best to contac your preferred funeral director because they will usually be able to offer you the names of one or two companies that they arte prepared to deal with.


If you want to plan ahead please contact your local funeral director


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